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the scammer from Alabama

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Anthony Monfet senior director business development at Twitter and location in Alabama as published on

On his new version of Linkedin "resume" (as of FEB-2020), Anthony claims he's a director of business development @ Rakuten, since January 2015, located in California. This screenshot, taken from  is a summary of misrepresentation.
As you can see, in this website Anthony's title is still senior director business development @Twitter. You can see his previous titles as an Amazon business consultant and Udemy instructor, which are 
now omitted from Linkedin.  His location is Huntsville, Alabama

Anthony Monfet personal Twitter account shows location in Los Angeles
Anthony Monfet business Twitter account shows location in Alabama
Tony Monfet Twitter account shows location in New York

These screenshots from his Twitter accounts show 3 different locations. Since 2016, according to these accounts, he has been in the east coast, away from California. 

Anthony's current Linkedin profile shows he works at Rakuten,  located in San Mateo, California. Six months ago he claimed he was working at Twitter, located in San Fransico, California. (view Linkedin screenshots).
At the same time, he posts on Linkedin and Twitter his location in Greater Los Angeles Area.

Let's assume he really lives in LA. The distance from LA to either one of those cities, is around 370-380 miles. about 5-6 hours minimum drive.

This screenshot is taken from an invite to an e-commerce event on 2016. (Scroll down the list of featured speakers , until you find this paragraph)
Anthony is presented as CEO of FBA importer. 
It's a little hard to believe that he was a busy CEO and a director at Rakuten
Just a reminder: FBA Importer was located in Madison, Alabama. Rakuten is located in San Mateo, California. 
In this paragraph he mentions his Amazon services and his courses on Udemy. Remember? Those that disappeared from his Linkedin experience. 

This description of Amazon service is a summary of his MAP program we mentioned earlier.

Anthony Monfet is presented as an eCommerce business consultant on
Anthony Monfet press release on shows he is in Alabama

March 2018, Anthony is located in Alabama.
He's still in the business of Amazon coaching and consultanting. 

In this press release on, he announced the launch of 3 courses on Udemy that were never uploaded.
Half a year later, his Udemy account was banned. 

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Anthony Monfet is presented as CEO of FBA Importer on an e-commerce event